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    • Starters

      Funghi di Carne e Rucola£10.20

      Strips of beef fillet and woodland mushrooms cooked in garlic butter on mixed leaves and rocket with balsamic dressing.

      Calamari Fritti£8.70

      Calamari rings fried in a light batter, served with sweet chilli dip

      Funghi all’Aglio£7.40

      Mushrooms coated in breadcrumbs and baked in garlic butter

      Prosciutto di Parma con Melone£7.60

      Thinly sliced Parma ham with melon

      Fegato di Pollo£8.60

      Chicken liver and pancetta cooked with garlic on mixed leaf salad with balsamic dressing

      Cappesante con Pancetta£12.60

      Scallops and crispy pancetta served on a bed of rocket, olive oil and balsamic dressing

      Gamberoni di Puglia£9.30

      King prawns with seasoned breadcrumbs and lemon baked in garlic butter

      Bianchetti Fritti£8.10

      Crispy fried whitebait served with tartare sauce

      Burrata Caprese£8.90

      Fresh creamy “mozzarella” cheese, beef tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto dressing

      Insalata di Gamberi£8.90

      Prawns and Marie Rose sauce on a bed of salad

      Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni£8.40

      Rolls of pasta filled with spinach and ricotto cheese, with béchamel, Napoli sauce and mozzarella

      Melanzane alla Parmigiana£8.20

      Grilled aubergine and Napoli sauce with parmesan cheese


      Home-made fresh vegetable soup, with cheese if you prefer

      Gamberoni Diavola£9.70

      King prawns with garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce

      Antipasto Misto£16.40

      A platter of Italian cured meats, artichoke, olives, fresh tomato and fresh mozzarella for two to share


      Toasted Italian bread with fresh tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil

    • Side Orders

      Garlic Bread£6.00

      Pizza bread with fresh garlic butter

      Garlic Bread Napoli£6.40

      Garlic pizza bread with home-made tomato sauce

      Garlic Bread Supreme£6.90

      Garlic pizza bread with mozzarella cheese

      Ciabatta Bread£3.80
      Tomato and Onion Salad£4.40
      Mixed Salad£4.50
      Rocket and Parmesan Salad£4.90

      Rocket and parmesan shavings with balsamic dressing

      Marinated Olives£4.00
      French Fries£4.90
      Roasted Vegetables£4.90
    • Specialities

      Pollo alla Créme£19.40

      Chicken breast cooked in a creamy mushroom, tomato, lemon and herb sauce

      Pollo con Funghi e Marsala£19.60

      Chicken breast cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce with sweet Marsala wine

      Pollo Pomodoro£19.90

      Chicken breast in a tomato sauce with mixed peppers, garlic, chilli, wine and mozzarella

      Pollo al Dolcelatte£19.90

      Chicken breast, leeks and dolcelatte cheese cooked in a wine and cream sauce

      Trout Provençale£20.80

      Trout served in our proveçale sauce, made with tomato, garlic and wine

      Crema di Salmone£21.90

      Fillet of salmon cooked in a lemon and garlic cream sauce

      Pesce Spada Genovese£23.50

      Swordfish served with a pesto, chilli, balsamic and garlic sauce

      Spigola Porto Fino£22.30

      Whole filleted sea bass with capers and olive oil

      Nasello della Calabria£22.80

      Fillet of hake with seasoned breadcrumbs, fennel seeds served on a bed of Napoli sauce and spinach

      Maiale Boscaiola£19.20

      Woodland pork loin and Italian wild mushrooms cooked with Marsala wine and thyme in a cream sauce

      Maiale Valdostana£19.80

      Woodland pork loin with asparagus cooked in wine and a creamy dolcelatte sauce

      Beef Stroganoff£21.50

      Strips of beef fillet cooked with mushrooms, mixed peppers, brandy and cream.

      Costata di Manzo£27.00

      10oz rib eye steak, cooked to your preference

      Filetto alla Pizzaiola£35.80

      Fillet steak in a tomato, garlic, olive and wine sauce, with a topping of mozzarella cheese

      Filetto Cosa Nostra£35.60

      Fillet steak served in a creamy mushroom, brandy and wine sauce

      Filetto al Pepe Verde£35.00

      Fillet steak with a green peppercorn, in a red wine and garlic sauce with a hint of tomato

      Filetto Diane£35.40

      Fillet steak with a french mustard cream sauce, flavoured with brandy and wine

      Filetto au Poivre£35.40

      Fillet steak served in a cream sauce with brandy and green peppercorns

      Filetto Dolcelatte£35.40

      Fillet steak with a dolcelatte cheese, wine, garlic and cream sauce

      The above specialities and fish dishes are served with a choice of one of the following; rice, french fries, roasted vegetables or salad

      Insalata Giuliani£17.90

      Strips of beef fillet with mixed salad, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella, olives and balsamic dressing

      Pollo con Insalata£15.90

      Pieces of chicken breast with mixed salad, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella, olives and a lemon and garlic dressing

      All of our meat is locally sourced from award winning and highly respected butcher D.T. Waller & Sons We only serve the finest quality Herefordshire beef

    • Pizza


      Cheese, tomato and herbs

      Prosciutto Funghi£13.20

      Cheese, tomato, ham, mushroom and herbs

      della Casa£14.60

      Cheese, tomato, pancetta, Italian Toscana sausage, pepperoni and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, peppers, onion, olives and herbs

      Quattro Formaggi£14.30

      Four cheese pizza - mozzarella, dolcelatte, parmesan, goat’s cheese, tomato and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, grilled aubergine, goat’s cheese, cherry tomatoes and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, garlic and herbs


      Cheese, Parma ham, rocket leaf, fresh tomato, garlic and parmesan shavings

      Quattro Stagioni£14.20

      Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, mushroom, artichoke, olives and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, chicken breast, pepperoni, ham and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, chicken breast, peppers, chilli and herbs

      Prosciutto Ananas£13.20

      Cheese, tomato, ham, pineapple and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, anchovies, olives, capers and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, chicken breast, sweetcorn, garlic and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, ham, peppers, onions, chilli and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, chicken breast, pepperoni, pineapple, chilli and herbs


      Cheese, tomato, chicken breast, grilled aubergine, red onions, chilli and herbs


      Especially for your little ones, a smaller sized Margherita pizza

      All of our pizzas are created from our own fresh home-­made dough with 100% Mozzarella cheese

      Gluten free pizza bases are available upon request for a £2.00 surcharge 


    • Pasta & Risotto


      Layers of pasta filled with minced meat, béchamel sauce, tomatoes and mozzarella 

      Spaghetti Bolognese£13.20

      Minced beef, onion and home-made tomato sauce, with garlic, herbs and wine

      Spaghetti Epomeo£14.20

      Chicken breast pieces and mushrooms in a cream, tomato and wine sauce

      Spaghetti con Gamberoni£14.60

      King Prawns with olives, chilli, garlic and home-made tomato sauce

      Spaghetti Giardiniera£13.60

      Asparagus and peas cooked with garlic, wine and cream with rocket and parmesan

      Spaghetti Vegano£13.60

      Vegan meatballs with roasted peppers, chilli and garlic in a home-made tomato sauce

      Vegano al Forno£14.50

      Asparagus, broccoli and penne pasta baked with plant based cream and vegan cheese

      Rigatoni del Bosco£13.30

      Aubergine, spinach, roasted peppers with chilli and wine in a home-made tomato sauce

      Rigatoni Toscana£14.60

      Italian Toscana sausage with wild mushrooms and thyme in a cream sauce

      Rigatoni alla Roma£15.00

      Chicken breast pieces, broccoli and dolcelatte cheese, cooked in a wine and cream sauce

      Linguine al Pesto£13.00

      Pesto, sun blushed tomatoes, pine nuts, basil and parmesan cheese

      Linguine Marinara£15.20

      Mixed seafood cooked in wine with tomato sauce and garlic

      Linguine Pazzerella£15.60

      King prawns, artichoke, sun blushed tomatoes and garlic in a cream sauce

      Tortelloni Spinaci£13.10

      Pasta parcels filled with spinach and ricotta cheese cooked with sun blushed tomatoes, cream, garlic and wine

      Tagliatelle alla Carbonara£14.20

      Pasta ribbons and pancetta cooked in wine and cream, with egg yolk and parmesan

      Tagliatelle Genovese£15.00

      King prawns, chilli and lime in a pesto and cream sauce

      Tagliatelle alla Chef£15.10

      King prawns and mushrooms in cream and wine sauce with parmesan

      Penne all’Arrabbiata£13.40

      Pepperoni, peppers, chilli and garlic in a home-made tomato sauce

      Penne Pollo e Spinaci£13.80

      Chicken breast pieces and spinach cooked in wine, with chilli, garlic and tomato sauce

      Penne al Salmone£15.30

      Pieces of salmon cooked with broccoli, wine, garlic, parmesan and cream

      Risotto al Tartufo£13.50

      Arborio rice and a blend of Italian wild mushrooms with leeks, parmesan, garlic and créme fraiche

      Risotto alla Milanese£14.80

      Arborio rice, king prawns, sun blushed tomatoes, chilli, garlic and créme fraiche

      Risotto Reggiana£14.40

      Arborio rice, chicken, asparagus, parmesan, garlic and créme fraiche

      Risotto Veneziana£15.80

      Pieces of hake cooked in a creamy saffron rice with cherry tomatoes, thyme and garlic

      Agnolotti alla Aragosta£15.80

      Pasta parcels filled with lobster meat and prawns, cooked with asparagus, mascarpone cheese, garlic, wine and cream

    • Sweets



      It’s in the name - ‘pick me up‘- an Italian trifle

      Sticky Toffee Pudding£7.90

      Moist pudding with rich toffee sauce served with vanilla ice cream

      Chocolate Mousse£7.30

      Delicious and decadent, for real chocolate lovers

      Panna Cotta£7.30

      Vanilla panna cotta with mixed berry compote

      Gelate Affogato£7.90

      Vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso served with cantuccini biscuits

      White Chocolate Profiteroles£7.60

      White chocolate profiteroles coated with white chocolate sauce

      Eton Delight£7.40

      Meringue with mascarpone and passion fruit cream with raspberry coulis

      Banana Toffee Sundae£7.40

      Vanilla ice cream, fresh banana and toffee sauce

      Limoncello Posset£7.50

      Light and tangy, made with Limoncello liqueur

      Vegan Banana al Forno£7.90

      Baked banana in vegan cream and rasins.
      Finished with dark jamacian rum if prefered
      Add Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream £2.00

      Ice Creams

      3 Scoops£6.30
      2 Scoops£5.00
      1 Scoop£2.90

      Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, Strawberry, Toffee Crunch


      3 Scoops£6.50
      2 Scoops£5.50
      1 Scoop£3.40

      Lemon, Passion Fruit, Raspberry 


      Double Espresso£4.00
      Hot Chocolate£4.30
      Vanilla Latte£5.30
      Caramel Latte£5.30
      Hazelnut Latte£5.30

      All coffees can be made with decaffeinated beans


      Green Tea£3.00
      Earl Grey£3.00

      Liqueur Coffees

      Italian (Amaretto)£7.70
      French (Brandy)£7.90
      Calypso (Tia Maria)£7.90
      Irish (Whisky)£7.90
      Russian (Vodka)£7.90
      Jamaican (Rum)£7.70
      Seville (Cointreau)£8.30
      Baileys Irish Cream£7.90

      Dessert Wine

      Vin Santo del Chianti Classico

      DOCG 15%vol
      Sweet dessert wine from the heart of Chianti country. 125ml glass £8.50 - 500ml bottle £27.90


      Vecchia Romagna£6.50
      Gran Marnier£6.70

      Vegan Ice Cream

      3 Scoops£6.70
      2 Scoops£5.70
      1 Scoop£3.60
    • Drinks


      Peroni 5.0% 330ml (Bottled)£4.50
      Peroni 5.0% 660ml (Bottled)£7.40
      Moretti 4.6% 330ml (Bottled)£4.50
      Moretti 4.6% 660ml (Bottled)£7.40
      Moretti Zero 0.05% 330ml (Bottled)£4.00
      Butty Bach Wye Valley Premium Ale 4.5% 500ml (Bottled)£6.00
      Westons Cider Stowford Press 4.5% 500ml (Bottled) £6.00
      Westons Cider Stowford Press LA 0.5% 500ml (Bottled)£5.40

      A wide range of Spirits and Mixers are also available


      Prosecco 125ml£6.60
      Prosecco Bottle 200ml£9.80
      Prosecco Royale (Prosecco and Créme de Cassis)£7.90
      Aperol Spritz (Prosecco, Aperol and Soda)£9.30
      Bellini (Prosecco and Peach Nectar)£8.90

      Soft Drinks

      Frobishers Fruit Juices (orange, apple)£3.90
      Diet Pepsi, Lemonade£3.00
      Coke 330ml (Bottled)£3.90
      Diet Coke 330ml (Bottled)£3.50
      J20 (apple and raspberry/orange and passion fruit)£3.20
      San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml£3.50
      Acqua Panna Still Mineral Water 500ml£3.50
    • Wine

      White Wine

      House White

      Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC 12% vol
      A dry white wine with a fruity aroma and a crisp, refreshing taste.
      A suitable accompaniment for all dishes
      Bottle - £23.00
      175ml Glass - £6.80
      250ml Glass - £8.00

      Spritzer - £7.50

      Pinot Grigio IGT 12% vol£26.00

      A dry, crisp and exceptionally clean on the palate wine with a delicious long lasting finish
      175ml Glass - £7.50
      250ml Glass - £9.00

      Spritzer - £8.50

      Sauvignon DOC 13% vol£28.50

      This soft, easy drinking Sauvignon has a lively citrus bouquet with ample gooseberry flavours and an elegant balanced finish

      175ml Glass - £7.90

      250ml Glass - £9.80

      Spritzer - £9.30

      Verdicchio Classico DOC 12% vol£27.10

      A delicate, fresh and fruity wine with light aromas of ripened apricot and almonds, giving a balanced acidity

      Fiano IGT 13% vol£27.30

      This wine boasts a delightful bouquet of fruity aromas with notes of apple and citrus fruits.
      Good texture on the palate with a fresh, crisp finish

      Gavi di Gavi DOCG 12.5% vol£36.30

      This superb example of Gavi di Gavi has an intense fruity bouquet with floral essences and a clean but full bodied flavour of golden apples and almonds

      Kike traminer DOC 13.5% vol£31.40

      A great wine from Scilly, full and intense with flowery notes together with hints of spices and candied fruit

      Chardonnay IGT 12.5% vol£28.60

      Floral aromas with notes of ripe peaches followed by a rounded and velvety finish

      Pecorino IGT 12.5% vol£26.90

      With a delicate bouquet, this wine depicts notes of ripe tropical fruits.
      Balanced and smooth with a medium body and lengthy finish

      Aragosta Vermentino Di Sardegna DOC 13% vol £27.80

      Well balanced aromas, delicate and fragrant reminiscent of ripe apples.
      Dry and crisp with a pleasant after-taste of almonds


      Pinot Grigio Blush IGT 12.5% vol£26.00

      Aromatic notes of freshly crushed cranberries, this elegant and fragrant wine is deliciously crisp on the palate.
      The ‘blush’ hues are obtained from the pale copper coloured skins on the Pinot Grigio grapes

      175ml Glass - £7.50
      250ml Glass - £9.00

      Spritzer - £8.50

      Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose IGT 10.5% vol£26.00

      A luscious Zinfandel Rosé with grapes from sunny California.
      Bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberries and exotic fruits

      175ml Glass - £7.50
      250ml Glass - £9.00

      Spritzer - £8.50

      Bardolino Chiaretto DOC 12% vol£26.90

      A fruit-filled aromatic rosé with a refined aftertaste

      Sparkling Wine

      Prosecco DOC 11% vol£29.90

      Italians don’t drink Champagne, they drink Prosecco.
      A refreshing, dry sparkling white wine with a good length of flavour
      125ml Glass - £6.60
      200ml Bottle - £9.80

      Spumante Rosé Collevento 11% vol£32.00

      Elegant floral notes followed by sensations of small red fruits.
      Well balanced, intriguing persistence and a lovely long finish


      Baron De Villeboerg Brut NV 12% vol£76.00

      A dry and well balanced champagne which offers a sweet and soft lemon palate with grapefruit and strawberry cap notes,
      great for those special occasions

      Lanson Black Label Brut NV 12.5% vol£99.00

      Only one quality, the finest

      Red Wine

      House Red

      Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 12.5% vol
      A full body wine with a fruity palate and a well balanced taste. Easy to drink, this wine is high quality and excellent value
      Bottle - £23.00
      175ml Glass - £6.80
      250ml Glass - £8.00

      Merlot Venezia DOC Tenute Sant’anna 12.5% vol£28.50

      Medium-bodied with soft autumn fruit, the palate is rich with peppery blackberries and blueberries
      175ml Glass - £7.90
      250ml Glass - £9.80

      Malbec DOC 13% vol£26.30

      Argentinian Malbec with a deep crimson colour and a warm light finish

      175ml Glass - £7.20

      250ml Glass - £8.90

      Cabernet Sauvignon DOC 13% vol£32.40

      A full flavour with a long and pleasant persistence with notes of berries, pepper and spices and a hint of coffee

      Passo del Bricco DOC 13% vol£28.50

      Made from three grapes: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera.
      Intense, ruby red colour with violet hues. Ample taste, good body, very harmonious and inviting.

      Primitovo Salento IGT 13% vol£26.60

      Full bodied and smooth, great example of Primitive grapes from Puglia

      Barolo DOCG 14% vol£64.90

      A high quality, well-balanced red wine with a rich, intense aroma and full body

      Aglianico del Beneventano IGT 14% vol£28.00

      A high quality, well balanced red wine with a rich, intense aroma and full body

      Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore DOC 14% vol£50.50

      This unique technique known as “Ripasso” greatly enhances the colour, flavour and structure of the Valpolicella

      without altering its freshness, maintaining the fullness of this popular wine

      Shiraz IGT 13% vol£25.80

      Spicy aromas and subtle hints of ripe wild berries, soft and fruity with a rounded finish

      Chianti Riserva DOCG 13.5% vol£33.90

      Dark fruit notes with a slightly spicy aroma. Medium bodied and well balanced to create a lengthy finish

      Negroamaro Salento IGT 14% vol£29.90

      Full bodied with juicy dark plum fruit flavours. This wine spends 3 months in oak barrels which imparts complexity and pleasant spicy hints

      Passo Del Sud IGT 14% vol£27.50

      Soft and velvety with intense flavour of ripe fruits mixed with toasted spices